Nine out of ten days, I wake up with a feeling of inner joy. I can connect to my heart and feel how open it is and how blessed I am, to live. It is a wonderful feeling of openness…. I take my time to feel what wants to be done, from one moment to the next. I try to balance things out. There are clients to connect to, texts to be written, calls to be made, songs to be sung, muscles to be moved, wild herbs to be used and.... there is the joy of silence to be listened to. I feel where my energy wants to flow and I trust in it. I set my vision, my intention, and for the rest, I can just let go. But it has not always been like that. On the one hand, I am happy to be able to tell you, that I have always had the courage to follow my very individual path. I had been an actress in experimental theatre for 15 years. Then I co-founded a big community project with an international seminar center for developing consciousness, Schloss Glarisegg, in Switzerland, where I lived for more than ten years. - I went to a wonderful spiritual teacher. All this was very strong and creative, but somehow,I always felt that I had to go further. I felt that I was not yet complete, or that I had not really arrived yet, in the world. For some reason, I felt that I still had to get more and ever better skills, and I did. I was trained in finding and using wild herbs, and became a specialist in cooking with them; I then took a further three year’s training as a certified breath and body therapist. But there where still so many things I could learn and do, until I thought that I would somehow be good enough ... But….good enough? For what? In september 2014 I suddenly ran short of breath. The right lobe of my lung had completely collapsed. It was an emergency, and I had to come to hospital and was operated on there, twice. I don`t know where I was during the anesthesia; but when I came back, I felt a great blessing come over me. And when I finally got back home, I found that something in my life had changed. I had come home with a great gift. Suddenly, I knew that I was enough. In my mind’s eye, I saw the picture that every one of us, every human being, has come to earth with a certain purpose. I saw that for each of us, a star is shining in the universe, and that we can reconnect our hearts to this star. That we are happy and fulfilled when we connect to our star and live the purpose for which we have come here. The connection to our purpose is very strong. It is stronger than any skill and it will lead us. Today I don`t ask anymore as I did when I worked on stage as an actress, …..will I be loved for what I do? I do what I do, because I love. I love life. I love people My greatest passion is to empower others to live their purpose in this life, for their sake, their happiness and fulfillment, and the sake of our planet. I am very happy that I could already support and inspire so many people, and that I may share with you a few testimonials from my clients:

Stefanie is full of luminance, drive and energy. She empowers people to be couregeous, lively and strong. (Tina, 56)

Stefanie let me feel safe and secure. She saw me very clear in my deep essence. (Heiner 56)

In full consiousness of the devine, Stefanie takes her power out or the earth. She is awake, seeing, supporting, warm and playful. She can initiate people. (Gea, 29)

The day after your talk I was full of a deep inner peace. I felt secure and safe. There was nothing to do. I was very clear and focused. I was bathing in that good feeling. (Uschi, 69)