wild Herbs kitchen & breath Work

Empowerment for Body & Soul

for your health and pure lust for life, Easter 2018

Fr, 30th March-Wed, 4th April 2018


Fr, 30th March – Wed, 4th April 2018 (Easter

Arrival Friday afternoon, Departure Wednesday afternoon


Spring in Portugal is stunning beyond the local German or Swiss spring. Everything is still green and lush before the heat of summer strikes. The wild plants (also growing here in Central Europe) are thriving in abundance. Their high season is winter and the opening of the year. We will get to know the wild plants and how we can use them in the kitchen, so that by April, we‘re perfectly prepared for the wild herb season at home.


At the same time, the vegetable garden is in full splendour! We‘ll cook together in a group over the fire and at the stove and draw on this abundance. We can really pamper our bodies, giving them rich nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, and enjoying the fresh taste of these plants coming directly from the earth, in celebration of their variety and the sensual beauty of preparation. We‘re celebrating this nature inside and outside.

We nourish our bodies and give them what they really need: Real food and good air. And we can relax and draw deep breaths. Stefanie will show the group simple and powerful breathing exercises and support each person individually to discover their personal breath.


Body and soul come together again with time to find their harmony. Your breathing rhythm. The quality of being is more important to us than doing. We are allowed to come to back to ourselves completely. Set a break, and go home clearer and purified. We will really feel the effects, touching the body, mind and soul. And we can take this newfound knowledge of wild plants and their power and continue to explore and apply it for the next few months at home.



Extending your stay is possible both as a holiday guest, as well as for an accompanied break.


Location: Estrafego, Alentejo, Portugal


Seminar costs include food and accommodation

In tent: 660 CHF / 600 €

In the house, incl. Bed linen (double room): 715 CHF / 650 €



Travel information:

Estrafego is located in Alentejo, about 180 km south of Lisbon. Lisbon is very easily and cheaply accessible by plane (Zurich-Lisbon is about 3 hours).

Taking two metro stops from the airport you can then catch a train from Oriente to Funcheira. They run 3 times a day (on the Lisbon-Faro line). Train information is available here.


The train ticket costs 15 € and the journey takes 2 hours. In Funcheira the seminar participants can be collected by car (5 € per person).